About us

Sambarb.com is one of the UK’s most trusted and dedicated pet & equine feed-accessorize-tack merchants. We offer a wide range of stupendous cost competitive horse feed, tack and clothing delivered on the basis of your need. We also have an excellent selection of pet food and accessorize. Currently stocking feed, supplements, small holder feeds, cat and dog food. We endeavour to be an expertise of those products and more convenient to you. Need something that we don’t stock? Drop us a line on our contacts page and we’ll do our best to get hold of it for you for that particular time period and as well as near future. Our website operates 24/7. One click away to fabulous choice of equine clothing, tack and pets basics you could possibly need for your four legged companion. Alternatively send us a message on our contacts page and we’ll do our best to get straight back to you. NOW YOU CAN ORDER AND PAY ONLINE CONTACT US VIA OUR NEW WEBSITE OR EMAIL YOUR ORDER DIRECTLY TO info@sambarb.com and we will have your order READY FOR COLLECTION THE SAME DAY or have your order DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR THE NEXT DAY